There is so much to discover around The House in the Village! Hike through the stunning green land, explore the Cave of Pëllumbas or have a refreshing swim in the Erzen River. And after a day full of experiences, is there anything better than gazing silently at a oh so pretty sunset?

Cave of Pëllumbas

The Cave of Pëllumbas, one of the hidden pearls of the region, is situated about a 40 minute hike from our house.

With a wide entrance and high ceiling, the cave is approximately 360 meters deep but doesn’t demand special skills or equipment. Inside, a new world opens up to you. Grab one of our head torches and check it out!

Erzen River

Originating in Dajti mountain, the Erzen River is another beautiful destination in walking distance from our house (30min).

Let yourself be seduced by the blue water surrounded by impressive walls of a large limestone gorge. Explore the waterfalls and some calm sites for swimming. Delight the path to the river which crosses farmer’s fields and meadows.

Hiking and Village Life

Enjoy the diverse nature and the mountain around our house. Walk through the streets of the village and meet people and animals along the way. You will also find two supermarkets, two restaurants, tasty ice-cream, a hotel and a bus station.

Plants, flowers, trees, birds, beautiful views… Sense a feeling of well-being that emanates from this special place!