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Situated downhill of Dajti mountain at 20 kilometers from Tirana, go to explore the small traditional village of Pellumbas which you can easily reach by car, bicycle or local bus. 

Beside amazing views and numerous outdoor activities, the village offers you the opportunity to experience the unique culture of Albania, from the fresh and local cuisine to the harvesting of olives, distillation of the local “raki”…

The warm smile of the villagers invites you to share and exchange. 


Food tasting

Due to the past and the history of the country, Albanian cuisine has been influenced by Italian, Greek and Turkish touches which make the flavor of the typical dishes rich and authentic. 

Learn how to cook some specialties made by the villagers and taste them : “byrek”, a baked or fried filled pastry; “çorbë”, the Albanian word to say soup, “fërgesë”, made up of peppers/tomatoes/cottage cheese… 

Distillation of traditional alcohol

Made from fruits, the “raki” is deeply connected to the Albanian tradition. After the harvest of the grape, plum, cherry… the fruits are pressed and collected in wooden barrels, left for some days and distilled. During the season, experience how to make homemade “raki” and enjoy trying it.

Immersion in daily work

The local community of Pellumbas is composed predominantly by self-sufficient farmers living off the land. From the early morning until the evening, their daily lifestyle is mostly mainly punctuated by work. Discover the traditional tools of the place, the way to dry the grass, how they take care of the animal…