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Situated downhill of Dajti mountain at 20 kilometers from Tirana, go to discover the small traditional village of Pellumbas which you can easily reach by car, bicycle or local bus. 

Beside amazing views and numerous outdoor activities, the village offers you the opportunity to experience the unique cultures of Albania, from the fresh and local cuisine to the harvesting of olives, distillating local raki…

The warm smile of the villagers, who are predominantly self-sufficient farmers living off the land, invites you to share and exchange.


The cave of Pellumbas

The cave of Pellumbas, one of the hidden pearls of the region, is situated about an hour hike from the house and on the way admire the spectacular views on the mountain and the valley. 

40,000 years ago it was a home to ancient cave bears and was later used as a settlement for ancient humans in the Middle Paleolithic period. During the World Wars, it was kept secret and used as a hiding spot for the villagers. 

With a wide entrance and high ceiling, the cave is approximately 360 meters deep but doesn’t demand special skills or equipment. Inside, a new world opens up to you : dark, fresh, with  impressive stalagmites and stalactites, as well as bats flying around. Enjoy !

Erzen river

Originating in Dajti mountain, Erzen river is another beautiful destination in walking distance from the house (30min). Let yourself be seduced by the blue water surrounded by the walls of a large limestone gorge and explore the waterfalls and some calm sites for swimming. 

Delight the path to the river which crosses farmer’s fields and meadows and presents incredible views.


Enjoy the nature and the mountain around the house and the village to go discovering the area.

Plants, flowers, trees, birds, beautiful views on the valley… let yourself be overwhelmed by this feeling of well-being that emanates from this special place !