Support Us

The House in the Village is a social project based on the desire to immerse and sensitize visitors in the daily life of Pëllumbas. To let the visions for the place become reality we are always grateful for helping hands. You can share your energy with us in different ways. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

By staying and sharing

Being our guest you contribute a lot to the development of The House in the Village – not only financially but also with your unique and much appreciated presence. Furthermore, you can do us a huge favor by telling other people about your experiences staying with us.

By volunteering

Surely, the life in The House in the Village wouldn’t be the way it is without the help of many kind, talented and engaged volunteers. Thanks to their endless creativity and hard work, the place keeps developing and changing constantly.

We have a lot of ideas and projects that offer you the perfect opportunity to get involved as a volunteer. Some examples of long term tasks: construction work, trash collection activities or garden maintenance. For more information, visit our profile on

Of course, you also have plenty of time to relax by yourself or spend time together with other volunteers and guests: make music, play games, meditate, make a fire, enjoy the sun, swim in the river and hike to the cave. Does this resonate with you? Join our enthusiastic group of volunteers!

By donating

Do you wish to help us with a monetary gift? Your donation goes directly into village related projects such as the construction of the hiking trails. We send our deepest gratitude to you.

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