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The house in the village is a social project based on the desire to immerse and sensitize visitors in the daily life of Pellumbas, a small village in the heart of the mountains at only 20 km in the south of Tirana, threatened by disappearance due to economic problems.

If you wish to support us with a donation, we have 3 projects funded by crowdfunding campaign  :

By staying

Come to Pellumbas and stay with us in one of the dorms of our traditional Albanian village house or in the garden to camp !

Becoming actors of the revitalization of Pellumbas, you will live the magic of the village and share activities that will immerse you in the daily life of the welcoming community : understanding the life and work of the villagers, learning how to cook culinary specialties, discovering the typical alcohol distillation, enjoying the wonders of the wild or simply relaxing among the fruit trees and the vegetable garden are some of the activities we are offering.

By volunteering

We have a lot of ideas and projects so staying at the house as a volunteer is a perfect opportunity to share with us, discover the daily lifestyle of a small village and enjoy the friendly Albanian people. Together with a local family we are restoring an abandoned house to create a guest house / camping to support the community. We are looking for people who would like to contribute to making this dream a success.

Some examples of tasks :  working in the garden using permaculture principles, fixing the house, cooking vegetarian meals , building huts and other structures, leaning plastic or other waste in the local area…
Next to the work you can relax by yourself or spend time together with the others: make music, play, meditate, make a fire, enjoy the sun, swim in the river and take hikes into nature.  

Like the sound of this? Join our enthusiastic group of volunteers !

By donation

If you wish to support us with a donation, we have 3 projects funded by fundraising campaign  :

  • Construction of a trail : Pellumbas is known for his cave and river but because of the bad condition of the path, it is difficult to reach one site from the other. The project is to create a new trail which connects the cave to the river and come back to the village.
  • Protection of the oldest olive trees : Many olive trees are part of the soul of the village and we will build a small stone wall to protect and enhance the three oldest olive trees.
  • Adaptation of an animal shelter : Taking care of animals are part of the daily life of the local community. With the idea to immerse you in this routine, we will adapt the animal shelter of the neighbors as a place to visit.